Chris on the issues



Chris believes in equality for everyone, people first, and honesty and transparency in all aspects of the political process. Specific positions, and the reasons why he supports them, are detailed below. Click on an issue to learn more about Chris's position. All views are direct from Chris, and completely his own words. 

Health Care


First and foremost in my priorities upon assuming office, should I have the privilege of representing the citizens of the great state of Tennessee, is pressing for healthcare reform. We’re one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and it’s completely unacceptable how easy it is for a family to go bankrupt from one accident due to exorbitant medical costs. We can make single payer coverage for ALL Americans a reality, just as it is in every other developed nation, and I will work to do exactly that.



This is another significant priority, close behind health care. Our school system is broken, bottom to top. We have underfunded public school for k-12 all around the state and the nation, we have class sizes which are simply unfeasible for a single instructor to manage, and we have books and facilities which are so old or otherwise unfit for use that it’s an embarrassment to think they’re resources used in a first-world nation anywhere. Then, on a collegiate level, we have schools which are so expensive that students can easily end up tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt before even entering the professional workforce. The situation is all-around unsustainable, and I will work to reform it from the ground up. 

LGBTQ Rights


I support, wholeheartedly, the rights and freedoms of the LGBTQ community, and I recognize that they do NOT currently get the treatment they deserve nationwide. I will push to have these inequalities corrected, and to restrict discrimination against them in all forms. We're all fellow human beings, it's time we acted like it, and for those that can't find the decency in themselves to treat other human beings with the respect they deserve, they can't continue simply getting a pass. We've recognized gay marriage federally, repealed DOMA, and taken other steps, but there's more to be done. Equal rights for everyone. Period. 

The Environment


Climate scientists the world around agree, this is a serious issue facing the world today. I will push for green energy and a cleaner environment, either through carbon taxes which get distributed to the customers in the area that polluter serves, renewed subsidies and incentives for pursuing green energy, some combination of those two, or something else entirely. Regardless the solution settled upon, this is an issue which needs to be addressed. Even if every scientist everywhere were wrong, which I don’t believe to be the case, the worst that happens from pursuing this is that we leave our children and their children a cleaner, better world to live in.


Women's Rights


I support a woman’s right to choose all things related to her own medical care, start to finish. They deserve to have every bit of freedom and bodily autonomy we grant to men. No exceptions, and no caveats. This is an issue which has become increasingly politicized in recent years, and it merits no compromise. We have no right to make intensely personal decisions for anyone else. 

Workers' Rights


Everyone deserves to make enough money to survive if they’re working full time, no matter what that work entails. If it's a job which requires someone to do it, then it's a job we must pay like a human being IS performing it. To that end, I will pursue higher minimum wages and pro-worker and pro-union legislation to counteract what some of the powerful lobbies on the hill have been eroding for decades. 



For all our talk about how to cover big, important spending, one major source of tax revenue remains untapped in much of the country. Only a handful of states have legalized marijuana recreationally. It's demonstrably safer than both cigarettes and alcohol, it's already very pervasive in many places, and it's not going away just because it's illegal. Where it is legal, it's generating millions in annual tax revenue, adding directly to the state's coffers, and saving money that would ordinarily be spent pursuing and prosecuting offenses relating to possession and consumption of marijuana. It's time we got past the smear campaigns of the '80s and made the sensible decision for everyone. 

Net Neutrality


Repealing net neutrality was a serious misstep, and this is an issue that I want to work towards rectifying. Ajit Pai’s FCC acted unconscionably in their decision to remove its protections and they failed their responsibility to consumers when they decided to bow to large ISPs. We need to restore these safeguards before it’s too late. 

Gun Safety


Gun laws need to be reformed, no question. That said, I draw the line very clearly at banning semi-automatic weapons. I will support and push legislation which will actually make a change, including but not limited to: expanding background checks to private sales, required mental health screenings, red flag laws, banning violent criminals and domestic abusers from ownership, and similar measures. We don't need to be banning more firearms from all people, we need to be banning all firearms from some people.