About Chris

Military veteran

Chris is a military veteran who was born in Johnson City and raised all over the country. He joined the United States Air Force in 2008 and served his country honorably until 2014 when he received an honorable discharge. 

College graduate

Chris started college full-time after being discharged from the Air Force. He graduated from Lewis University in Illinois with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer/Information Systems and Information Security. 

Inspired to run by his father

Chris moved back to Tennessee to be near his family. He was inspired to run after coming home for a surprise visit and seeing his father in very poor health. His father was unable to afford the treatment he would need but was still working to support his mother and to avoid losing their home. Chris wants to make healthcare for everyone a reality, and he wants to work to reduce or eliminate exorbitant costs of college education for the average student today. 

Chris is a gun owner and a strong advocate of gun rights. He also supports expanding background checks to private sales and other measures to effectively reduce gun violence. He is a strong supporter of women's rights. 

He plans to run his campaign straightforward and not accept political donations from large corporations who would seek to benefit from influencing his vote on a particular issue in the future. He asks everyone who believes Donald Trump and his followers on Capitol Hill are leading the country away from the American dream to chip in any donation amount to help fund the campaign. He also asks for constituents to provide direct feedback on what issues are important to them so he can represent the district better than current leadership.